11 Things About Living in Israel You Learn Only By Moving Here

There are things you find out about living in Israel only once you already … actually live here

Enjoying a wonderful outdoor lunch at Motza Cafe near Jerusalem. Israel likes to brandish its Western credentials, but its Mediterranean nature is one of its major pluses. Photo: author.

1. Everything — No Really Everything — Runs On WhatsApp (Or WhatsApp Groups)

2. Almost Nothing Runs Precisely On Time

3. The Customer Is Not Always Right — Sometimes, In Fact, You’d Be Led To Believe That They’re Always Wrong

4. Many Israeli Websites Look Like They Were Built By A Stoned Teenager Some Time In The 1990s When MS Paint And Popups Were Enjoying Their Heyday

This is an official Israeli government website for paying taxes. Replete with some random guy and a superimposed ‘chip’.

5. There Are Basically Two Technology Stores: KSP And Ivory. No Wait, EVERYTHING Is Vaguely An Oligopoly/Monopoly.

6. Amazon Doesn’t Really Deliver Here. Instead, People Use Something Called Zap. And This Crazy Chinese Site Called Aliexpress. They Also Go Justifiably Nuts Whenever Amazon Puts On A Promo.

One avid Israeli online shopper, who totally isn’t me, sent in this pixeallated image of one of their old order hauls.

7. It’s Really Hot For A Really Long Time. Like It’s Hot Half The Year.

8. Realtors Will Still Insist You Don’t Need Air Conditioning. Politely Ignore Them.

9. Driving Here Is Sort Of Crazy. But Public Transport Is Really Good.

10. The Postal Service Is Kind Of Rubbish

11. Israelis Still Love It Here In Spite Of All The Above

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