11 Work And Life Philosophies That I Currently Believe In

1. Asynchronous Communication

I’m an enormous fan of deep work.

2. Open Source

I’ve been a daily Linux user — in both my work and personal lives — for well over 10 years now.

3. Inbound Marketing

Growing up, I was an intensely private person that didn’t share much about my inner world. Breaking out of that strait-jacket has been a lifelong process for me. It’s still going on.

4. Remote And Hybrid Working

Let me circle back to deep work for a moment.

5. Freelancing

I’ve done it for 5 year both as a side hustle and as my full-time income.

6. Doing Business Internationally

In light of point 4, above, why wouldn’t you? We have all the technology in place to conduct knowledge work with any company we can legally do business with.

7. Self Directed Learning

The internet has been a sort of surrogate additional parent to me since I was a child. The muse to whom I ask my most perplexing questions. A teacher. An entertainer.

8. Continuous Professional Development

9. Working With Nice People

The hardest part about freelancing?

10. Everything On The Cloud

I thoroughly believe that the software of tomorrow will be OS-agnostic.

11. Sharing, Authenticity, Communication

If there’s one trait I’ve been trying to cultivate over the past few years, it’s this.



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Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill

Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things. https://www.danielrosehill.com