2 Tech Hacks To Make Job-Hunting Online Easier And Less Frustrating

Using A Keyboard Macro Tool To Put Commonly Accessed Links (Like Your Resume) At The Press Of A Button

AutoKey is an incredibly easy but powerful tool for configuring keyboard macros on Ubuntu Linux. Screenshot: author.
  • A link to my Linktree
  • A link to my resume
  • A skeleton cover letter for tech-related positions

Setting Up A CRM For The Purpose Of Job-Hunting

  • The ability to track opening and clickthrough rates to receive valuable clues about prospective employers’ level of engagement. (Personally I’m not a fan of email tracking and find it privacy-invasive, but I know that many are enthusiastic about its powers).
  • Being able to keep a careful log of all inbound communication received from a job lead.
  • The template manager where you can create and save templates for sending to prospective clients/employers.
  • The snippet editor where you can easily create and edit text snippets for inserting into cover letters.
Preparing a template to use in Hubspot. Screenshot: author.
The snippet editor in Hubspot. Screenshot: author



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