4 Ways To Backup Linux Workstations Onto A Synology NAS (With Videos)


Before beginning to take backups of your Linux desktop or laptop onto your Synology NAS, you’ll want to make sure that the requisite servers are running on the NAS — and take notes of which ports you have opened.

  • SMB
  • SFTP
  • FTPS
  • rsync

1. Using Grsync (GUI)

Running full disk backups using grsync, a basic frontend for rsync. Rsync can be used — creatively — to create both full backup snapshots as well as sets using incremental and differential points.

2. Using rsync (CLI)

If GUIs aren’t your thing, then you can get under the hood and just use rsync. Cron and rsync are really all you need to get basic rsync backups going from your Linux desktop to the NAS.

3. Using Cloudberry (GUI)

4. Using Clonezilla (live USB)

While running incremental and differential backups is space-effective and easy (one of rsync, for instance, can be run from a live system), now and again you might want to create full, bare metal backups.

Back Up Your Linux Workstation Today

I’m glad to now be backing up my desktop onto an NAS rather than separate drives on the device itself.



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