6 Great Things About Israel’s Healthcare System

Healthcare in Israel is thoroughly digitized

The login to my Macabbi healthcare portal where I can do everything from book doctor’s visits to send my doctor messages to see how much I paid for my last prescription. Screenshot: author via Macabbi website.

Quality of care is good — and you can find doctors who speak your language

Using the Macabbi web based system in order to filter available doctors by the language(s) they speak. Screenshot: Maccabi

The COVID Vaccine Rollout Has Been World-Leading

Access to doctors, and specialists, is generally fast

The system is mostly pretty well joined up

Overall, costs are quite low. Prescription medications are affordable.

  • 30 capsules of omeprazole for 18 NIS ($5.63).
  • Relvar (fluticasone furoate/vilanterol) for 27.57 NIS ($8.62).



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