6 Reasons To Start Using Chef Pans In Your Home Kitchen

Little Used The Food Industry, GN / Chef Pans Are Like … The Best Things Ever (In This Author’s Opinion)

Some chana masala and bulgur that I made in advance of a Shabbat dinner. The Gastronorm sizes are (L to R): 1/4 x 10 cm (chana masala), 1/4 x 10cm (bulgur), 1/4 x 20cm (soup)

1: They Make Your Home Feel Like An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

The author and a dining companion eating weekend leftovers served out of two “sixth” (1/6) GN pans
A bain marie (electric hot water bath) for use in a commercial kitchen. The GN pans slot inside.

2: They’re Made for Restaurants, So Are Food-Industry-Tough

Inside the author’s fridge with a 20cm deep 1/4 GN pan casually hanging out next to some mustard, capers, and oranges. I’ve designated this deep tub especially for storing base gravy for British Indian Restaurant (BIR) curries
4 GN pans side by side in a fridge

3: They’re Versatile! Perfect for Storing, Heating, and Serving

The author’s collection of GN pans at the time of writing stored chaotically about the fridge. It has since grown.I keep 1/4 and 1/6 pans separate. A few 1/9s are not shown

4: They’re Modular (And Made To An International Standard)

A serving counter containing Gastronorm pans at Bruno’s Sandwich bar in Jerusalem, one of my new favorites. The cabbage is in a 1/4, next to eggplant in a 1/6 and a 1/9 of hot sauce. Only a true GN fan would know this.
The materials and brand names may differ, but the standard sizes have been adopted internationally. From the product cataloge of a US-based supplier.
GN pans on the online catalog of a local catering supply shop
An Irish restaurant supplier’s catalog. Same pan sizes. Same depth. International standardization at its finest!
A Gastronorm pan size reference from Wikimedia

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5: You Buy Them in Catering Stores

Catering stores also have vast quantities of food storage bins.

6: They’re Transportable And Easily Stackable

Additional Benefits of Gastronorm Life

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