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My name is Daniel Rosehill. I’m a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a passion for technology. I was born in Ireland. I currently live in Jerusalem.

I blog on here about tech (especially Linux and backups!), freelancing, writing, and whatever else comes to mind.

At the time of writing, my Medium content is all un-paywalled. I write to share ideas with people rather than to monetize. So if you like something that I wrote, please feel free to share with your network. …

Make sure you hire wisely by asking these questions

Ghostwriters are specialized freelance writers. Here are some questions to use to evaluate a prospective one.

Ghostwriters are specialized freelance writing professionals who help authors to write texts that will ultimately be published under their own name.

You can hire ghostwriters to write:

  • Your social media posts
  • Your upcoming bestseller
  • A blog for your business
  • Your next keynote address

As the demand for communication and inbound marketing increases, so too does the demand for ghostwriters. So with more service providers stepping into the fray, it’s important to choose wisely.

Where once ghostwriters were those rare writers who specialized in helping produce books for their clients, today ghostwriters — whether they go by that title or not…

Like any society, Israeli society is a complex one. The country isn’t yet one hundred years old. It’s comprised of sabras alongside a potpourri of immigrants drawn from throughout the Jewish world. Since the foundation of the state, more than three million olim have moved to Israel to enrich its ranks.

And yet, as any (honest) person living in Israel will tell you, Israel isn’t perfect. There are flaws. Things to be improved upon. Here are some of them.

Israel Is Too Expensive

The cost of living in Israel is among the highest in the developed world.

The Taub Center — a think tank…

Anybody that spends enough time thinking about their content marketing will at some point encounter the concept of the marketing and sales funnel.

A simplified representation of it can be remembered with the mnemonic AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

A simplified version of the marketing and sales funnel represented as AIDA. Source: Pixabay

You won’t have to dig far through Google to come across many difference taxonomies and ways of representing the funnel. But dig through enough examples and you’ll start to notice some commonalities:

  • Most break the funnel down into three constituent parts: top of funnel (ToFu), middle of funnel (MoFu), and bottom of funnel (BoFu). Developing awareness is a top of funnel…

Technical writer or freelance technology content marketer: which do you need? Image: PXHere.com

Many clients in the technology space, at some point during their marketing activities, decide that they need to hire a freelance resource to help produce writing deliverables.

But not everybody is clear on the difference between technical writers and freelance technical marketers.

When do you need the first and when do you need the second? Here’s a quick explainer to help break down the differences.

What’s A Technical Writer?

A technical writer is a writer who specializes in helping companies communicate how to use a product.

They are essentially information communicators. Their job isn’t to persuade a prospective customer to consider buying a product…

What happens after you hit the publish button

Something they leave off the curriculum in journalism school (note: I went to journalism school) is what happens when people start actually reading your work and engaging with it.

Yes, this is kind of a “nice problem to have.” It’s also — oddly — what virtually all writers aspire towards but that many are totally unprepared for when it actually happens.

For a kind of essential part of the process of becoming a writer, this is something that — oddly — seldom gets discussed.

How many online writing gurus and journalism tutors have you heard coaching writers on how to…

If you thought that the cybercrooks of this world were too linguistically challenged to bother attempting phishing scams in Hebrew, then think again.

I’ve seen several reports of phishing SMS and emails sent in Hebrew over the past few weeks.

Here’s one that I received last night that initially made me do a double-take: I hadn’t ordered anything recently from DHL, had I?

On closer inspection I knew that this was a poor phishing attempt.

Here are a few details, starting with the most obvious features and working back to the subtleties:

  • The sending domain is a Japanese (aof.jp) address…

I’ve been using Medium as a hosted blogging platform for the best part of 2 years now.

Compared to blogging on my own website, I love the speed and fluidity of the Medium UI. It’s why, at the time of writing, I’ve used it to author more than 250 stories.

Unfortunately, just because a platform is cloud-hosted doesn’t mean that it’s totally secure.

Furthermore, cloud does not equal backup.

The cloud is just somebody else’s computer — or a network of them. Sure, your cloud provider probably hosts on a platform with built-in redundancy, has a team of SysAdmins on…

For those who didn’t catch the memo, I’m a massive advocate for taking (3–2–1 compliant) backups.

I don’t only backup my computer and NAS. I also make sure that everything I entrust to the cloud — including these writings on Medium — is backed up in at least two other places (typically the NAS and archival cloud backup storage).

Why backup your cloud data in the first place, you might ask?

Let’s take Reddit as it’s the subject of this article.

What would happen if:

  • Your Reddit account were hacked? (To minimize the chances of this happening, configure 2FA). …

Want to troll minorities and spout online abuse without repercussion? This guide should set you in good stead

Hate speech may be hard to get away with in real life. But the internet is still something of a wild west. What can we do to stop it? Image: Creative Commons

Are you looking to abuse minorities from the comfort of your own home?

Are you full of anger, dissatisfied with your life, and feel like taking it out on some random person on the internet? A Jew? A black? A Jewish left-wing black?!

The good news is that you’ve been born into a great age during which to engage in this kind of behavior. Probably actually the best one in history.

Follow this guide to get away with hatred.

Pick The Right Platform

Firstly, you’re going to want to find a platform on which your intended target(s) congregate.

That means matching your target demographic…

Daniel Rosehill

Thought leadership ghostwriter for technology clients and non-fiction books. Site: DSRGhostwriting.com. Book: amzn.to/2C3jkZS

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