Trying to sell your business without having first refined your messaging is going to be an uphill battle

Trying to figure out content marketing? Welcome to ‘Content Marketing That Actually Works’. In our first installation let’s look at the enormous value in developing really good buyer personas. Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
  • “We’re going to beat Amazon at this bro”
  • “We’re very much into exploring the transformational growth space. That’s going to be a major area of focus for us this quarter”

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There are things you find out about living in Israel only once you already … actually live here

Enjoying a wonderful outdoor lunch at Motza Cafe near Jerusalem. Israel likes to brandish its Western credentials, but its Mediterranean nature is one of its major pluses. Photo: author.

1. Everything — No Really Everything — Runs On WhatsApp (Or WhatsApp Groups)

If we regard all creative output as homogeneous collections of keywords, nobody should be surprised when AI comes “stealing” our jobs

If all creative enterprise is subsumed into an amorphous mass known as “content,” everybody trying to distinguish themselves based upon their unique talents faces a steep uphill climb. Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis from Pexels

Why Israel’s healthcare has a well-deserved reputation for excellence

Make a list, sit on it, and see how many impulse buys you truly “need”

Online shopping: creating short purchase “documents” can help you “sit on” purchase ideas. Particularly if you’re worried about “losing” the research you did that led you to your “must have” item. Photo: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Opinion: the ‘hasbara culture’ which writers like Yakov Hirsch deride has made it difficult for those living in Israel to even voice dissenting opinions about the country they live in

Israel: the rise of diametrical thinking has meant that there is increasingly a lack of tolerance among Israelis, and Jews, for those among their ranks who voice objections to elements of Israeli policy or even life in the country. Photo by Adam Grabek from Pexels

Working as a native English speaker in a non-Anglophone country — and the interesting experiences it throws up

Wherever you move to in the world, you may find that working as an English-speaker in a non-Anglophone country creates plenty of unexpected moments. Photo by Mike from Pexels

These factors stand in the way of the kind of remote mobilization many are currently imaginging as already being here

Remote working: the vision that many are describing as being already here is still, too often, a far-off reality. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

While US funding for the Iron Dome will likely arrive via an alternative mechanism, the move is a timely wake-up call that expecting endless handouts from American benefactors is an absurd strategy for ensuring homeland security

An missile being launched from an Iron Dome battery during Operation Guardian Of The Walls earlier this year. Photo: handout, Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

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Marketing communications consultant interested in tech, Linux, beer, async, business continuity, and remote work (in no particular order).

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