Will We Even Know Who We’re Writing For In Ten Years’ Time?

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Deep fakes. Could freelance writers be affected? Image: Pixabay

For anybody following developments in the deep fake and AI space, some of the recent developments in terms of video deep fakes are astounding.

The Rise Of Fake Clients

I posted a few days ago about — roughly — how to create fictitious online identities using nothing more than a fake face…

Paneco, Supermarkets, Local Stores

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Purim kicks off this evening. And as we just mentioned, that means that — this year — guys and girls around the country are preparing to get drunk on Zoom calls.

All this of course begs the question: but how can you buy alcohol online in Israel?

Bad news for Purim revelers — it’s possibly too late for online delivery. Good news for Purim revelers — you can buy from your local liquor store.

Without further introductions, here are some places you can buy alcohol online in Israel. …

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With just a few hours left until the beginning of Purim — the Jewish religious holiday marked by a traditional injunction for celebrants to become grossly inebriated — Anglos (and sabras) around Israel were on tenterhooks preparing to get absolutely wasted on Zoom calls with their friends.

Although After Aliyah was feeling too lazy this morning to reach out to Paneco — Israel’s online alcohol retailer — it has very strong reason to believe that the drinks retailer is currently preparing for a period of extremely buoyant sales.

Although this mental image isn’t grounded in empirical evidence or actual observations…

And what you should do to avoid interacting with one

This post should not be construed as endorsing illegal activities or terms of service violations or any other dubious activities…

Fake identities are fascinating.

In the pitched battle between real news and fake news it’s getting easier and easier for misinformation to make it into the mainstream.

Simultaneously, artificial intelligence (AI) is making it easier for nefarious actors to make convincing online entities that mimic real people (H/T for the Unreal Engine to a friend.)

Instead of getting frustrated by our periodic inability to write, maybe we should be getting inspired?

I suffer, periodically, from writer’s block. There I said it.

Now I feel like a true writer. Where’s my badge?

But how do I deal with writer’s block you may ask?

Did you know that you can fit about two cups of coffee into a tiny pill the size of a breath mint?

Cram one of those down your throat and you’ll be writing — and dancing with the stars for good measure — in no time.

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Caffeine pills next to a keyboard. Source: author.

There’s one thing they never tell you about becoming a writer in journalism school. You have a lot to write about. (I joke).

There’s Even A Reddit In Hebrew!

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While the new generations of youngsters are fumbling around on Tik Tok and Instagrass (isn’t that what the place you post cat pictures on is called?) everybody knows that the truly cool people of this world are spending their time on Reddit.

It is also beyond doubt that your average Israeli Redditor is every bit as cool as his international counterpart. But the question remains: does anybody actually use Reddit in Israel? And — if you’re not doing so- why should you get on it?

Do People Use Reddit in Israel?

Despite our best efforts, After Aliyah wasn’t able to collate official information regarding Reddit use…

The year was 5775 (or thereabouts).

I was cherry faced. A sprightly young oleh of 26. I still had my gallbladder. They were simpler times. In some respects, they were better times. But After Aliyah didn’t exist yet so they can’t have been that good.

After leaving the salubrious surroundings of Ulpan Etsion, I relocated to the bustling metropolis of Jerusalem city center. My first sublet was from a friend. Then I was the awkward third in a flatshare with a guy that was really a couple (thankfully that phase only lasted a month).

After several enduring the life of…

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What comes to mind when you picture your stereotypical social media influencer?

A smartphone-toting teenager posting food pictures on Instagram? A YouTuber unboxing the latest tech products? Do you even have social media at all?

Stepping somewhat incongruously into this fray is Shimshon Leshinsky, a 57 year old administrative worker originally from Melbourne, Australia, now living with his French-born wife in Har Homa, south of Jerusalem. Leshinsky recently shot to prominence with his unique style of posts on the popular Secret Jerusalem messaging board. And he’s been on a high ever since (a food high that is).

Shimshon agreed to…

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It’s easy to despair about the prospect of ever being able to buy property in Israel.

Officially the second most expensive country in the world to buy a home in, olim and native-born Israelis alike need to shell out millions of shekels just to get their hands on an apartment in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Feeling blue about the prospect of a lifetime of renting? The good news (right in time for Purim!) is that there’s no need to be.

Read on to find out how (little) you can buy property for. If you’re … flexible.

How To Find The Cheapest Property in Israel.

To find out how…

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Daniel didn’t set this website up as an online soapbox. But as the site has only been online for about a day, nobody has volunteered to share their story yet. So here goes. Written awkwardly in the third person because … there’s nobody else on hand to actually write this.

Who are you?

My name is Daniel Rosehill.

Where did you make aliyah from?

Cork, Ireland.

Did you come on a Nefesh b’Nefesh flight?

I think I filled out the Nefesh b’Nefesh paperwork. But making aliyah from a place with almost no Jewish community, there wasn’t really much infrastructure in…

Daniel Rosehill

Thought leadership ghostwriter for technology clients and non-fiction books. Site: DSRGhostwriting.com. Book: amzn.to/2C3jkZS

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