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My name is Daniel Rosehill. I’m a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a passion for technology. I was born in Ireland. I currently live in Jerusalem.

I blog on here about tech (especially Linux and backups!), freelancing, writing, and whatever else comes to mind.

At the time of writing, my Medium content is all un-paywalled. I write to share ideas with people rather than to monetize. So if you like something that I wrote, please feel free to share with your network. …

From old job love letters to here’s my gift hamper, the 3 type of LinkedIn posts that do my head in

LinkedIn: a trifecta of infuriating virtue-signalling posts as selected by the curmudgeonous author.

I’ve mentioned here a few times that I proudly self-identify as a curmudgeon.

While the curmudgeons of this world tend to get lumped in with the misanthropes, as a non-misanthropic curmudgeon I would like to point out that there are several degrees of separation that divide between us and our humanity-hating cousins.

While misanthropes actively dislike humankind (as a whole), us curmudgeons merely find them periodically, or frequently, rather annoying. At least that’s my definition. And I’m sticking to it.

One of the most triggering online spaces to be a curmudgeon these days is the professional social network known as…

Could ignoring your initial suckiness be the key to getting good at something?

Recently, I decided to embark upon video-making as a hobby.

The author trying to understand how the pickup on a shotgun microphone works.

It’s been surprisingly all-consuming.

Work responsibilities aside, I’ve thought about relatively little since.

Left to my own devices, with my wife for company (is two years of marriage enough for the ‘long-suffering’ appendage?), I can ruminate for hours about whether my next move should be buying a camcorder gimbal or investing in an i7 to speed up rendering on my computer.

She reminds me that I could probably stand about five minutes of hearing the same discussion about AutoCAD (she’s an architect).

Last night I even caught myself dreaming about…

If you’re selling solely by price, there’s almost always somebody cheaper

Which wine do you go for? Image: Wikimedia Commons

In the last few months, I’ve stepped into unchartered territories in my freelancing journey.

My Book of Business has reached that point called “capacity” or “just past capacity”. But because I’ve been investing in inbound marketing for the past couple of years, I continue to pick up inbound leads.

Taken together, these two facts put me in a nice position from which I can coldly survey the market and judge the expectations and signals being sent out by those companies who land in my inbox.

I can decide whether to bother responding to a request for a Zoom call. I…

Will overseeing AI bots be the fate of tomorrow’s freelance writing generalists?

Will tomorrow’s freelance writers be bot masters rather than wordsmiths? Image: Pixabay

This morning, I received the following contact form via my writing website.

The shift towards remote and hybrid provides an exciting opportunity for professionals to reshape the contours of their working lives

The webcam office seems entrenched as the future of work. Photo: PX Here.

I posted recently to my LinkedIn profile that I’m beginning the next evolution of my journey through self-employment (I’ll shortly be hitting the three year milestone!).

Although I’ll have to be murky and refrain from offering too many details, I’m joining a team on a remote and most-time basis (note: that term is my invention for an arrangement that’s reasonably close to full time).

Freelancing has been an extremely exciting journey to date.

While the hours are exhausting and I’ve occasionally pulled out small patches of hair in frustration (NET 90!?), …

Could the irrational Israel-hatred and Judeophobia we’re seeing around the world right now be explicable through the prism of internet culture?

Can we look at the obsessional hatred of Israel through the prism of internet culture — and specifically trolling? Image: Wikimedia / Creative Commons

A few months ago, I had a series of unsavory exchanges on the popular social media called Reddit — which has a well-justified reputation as being a kind of safe haven for all manner of online nastiness.

If LinkedIn is the corporate suit of the social media world and Medium is where writers and poets come to share their work … then Reddit is sort of the slightly unhinged internet café populated by a normal majority with a virulent and slightly deranged fringe. Anything goes there. Almost.

The trolling I experienced on Reddit was relatively short-lived but it was also…

Shame gets us nowhere. Also, I’m excited about the journey

A doctor’s office. Image: Pixabay

A few days ago, I decided to write an article here about my diagnostic process that led to being diagnosed with ADHD. It was a process I went through in my early 30s.

To date, I’ve written more than 300 articles here on Medium. I use it as a public diary of sorts to collect and share my thinking about issues ranging from how to charge for freelance writing (for plenty on that, see my Medium publication) to what I think about gastronorm pans. It’s a mixed bag. …

Opinion: Calling for the shunning of uniquely Israel from the international community and undoing its recognition as as country is naked anti-Semitism

Israel: motion being debated in Irish parliament calls on government to assert that Israel “has no place … among the international community.” Photo: Zachi Evenor via Flickr

The Irish Twittersphere is currently busily debating a private members bill (PMB) that, if passed, would require the government to expel the Israeli ambassador and all diplomatic staff from Ireland.

As I observed a couple of days ago, Ireland is currently joined only by Jordan in seeking the forced closure of an Israeli embassy as a form of retribution for Israel’s latest war of self-defense in Gaza.

But it’s not the shameful claims that Israel was engaging in “ethnic cleansing” or is an Apartheid state that concern me.

It’s not the fact that a piece of what looks like a…

Cross-posted from Twitter, lightly redacted, and expanded:

Books: challenging things for people with ADHD. Photo: Creative Commons License.

I don’t intend tweeting/writing/generally sharing that much about ADHD-related stuff (at least right now). It’s just on my mind at the moment as I’m starting my 2nd drug for it (Vyvanse).

Despite some setbacks (pro tip: if you forget your morning dose, don’t take it after lunch, at least if you intend sleeping that night) treatment is going well.

Right now, I’m feeling very optimistic and hopeful about what the future may hold.

And about how finding the right treatment might make it a lot easier for me to function in the world…

Daniel Rosehill

Thought leadership ghostwriter for technology clients and non-fiction books. Site: DSRGhostwriting.com. Book: amzn.to/2C3jkZS

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