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My name is Daniel Rosehill. I’m a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a passion for technology. I was born in Ireland. I currently live in Jerusalem.

I blog on here about tech (especially Linux and backups!), freelancing, writing, and whatever else comes to mind.

At the time of writing, my Medium content is all un-paywalled. I write to share ideas with people rather than to monetize. So if you like something that I wrote, please feel free to share with your network. …

The delusion of being able to combat blind hatred of Israel with the truth is being shown up right now for what it is

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Israel is losing the online PR war. Is that a bad thing? Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

JADE is a popular acronym in wellness circles.

I encountered it recently when learning about cyberabuse and bullying.

It encourages those being targeted for abuse not to justify, argue, defend, or explain themselves to their attackers. “Don’t feed the trolls” is a spin on the same concept.

I spent too many hours last night being infuriated by the Irish media and Twittersphere and the usual barrage of venomous hatred and mistruths being spewed towards Israel.

There’s a sense here in Israel that we’re losing the PR war.

Judging by the online battlefields — particularly Twitter…

Clashes in Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There is a myth, prevalent in Israel, that the status quo which has held ground in Israel for far too long is a tenable solution to the conflict.

That line of reasoning argues that the status quo is good enough to work for today. And tomorrow. Maybe even for years into the future.

To perpetuate this myth, Israeli society has created convenient fictions that play into that narrative.


  • The “Arab-Israeli” population is conveniently docile and “happy” to live under Israeli rule.
  • The status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is tenable. The problem may not have been solved…

This ancient settlement just a stone’s throw from Jerusalem now sports a café providing organic, locally-produced fare as well as a vineyard and synagogue

After a busy week on the writing front, I took a few hours out of the city yesterday to explore Motza in the Jerusalem Hills.


Motza is located on the south side of highway 1 — the enormously busy traffic artery that links Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

While the enormous concrete edifice of the overpass now dominates its northern skyline (Mevesseret Tsion, another Jerusalem commuter town, lies on the other side of the bridge) it is nevertheless blessed with a historical synagogue, a fantastic garden café that sells artisan cider and perry (as well as amazing sandwiches!), …

Adding two lines can bolster your continuity

If you’re looking to make your home working environment more robust, then one of the most useful steps you can take is establishing backup communication supplies.

During the last few months, my main internet service provider (ISP) here in Israel has been doing a pretty lousy job at getting me connectivity. My internet tends to go down for hours at a time. Sometimes the intermittent outages can do on for days.

In Israel, we have a somewhat strange means of delivering interest to consumers.

Consumers need to pick both a sapak (ISP) and tashtit (infrastructure provider) when purchasing residential internet…

This is probably more important than how to charge enough etc

As a freelance writer of five years’ vintage, I think that I’ve figured out most of the rudiments when it comes to freelance writing.

The process has been helped — in no small measure — by documenting the journey of discovery as I go along.

If you feel like siphoning up some of the knowledge that I peter out onto the internet (for free), then check out my Medium publication about freelance writing above. There’s no ulterior motive there, profit or otherwise. It’s just the things I figure about freelance writing as I accrue experience “doing” it.

Something I haven’t…

For lighter touch PR you can leverage these cheaper sources while still getting publicity

If you’re looking to gain publicity for your organization but don’t have the budget for an expensive agency, consider some of these alternatives. Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

If your small business is looking to leverage public relations (PR) in order to drive brand awareness and help with lead generation, then a full-fledged agency might be your dream but just out of budget.

PR agency retainers vary considerably but if you’re in the US you can expect to pay at least $2,000/month for a boutique agency and $5,000 or more for larger names. Some big name agencies even have fees starting at $20,000/month (and above). (Source: Mustr, among others).

For many solopreneurs and startups, that kind of cost simply can’t be justified, at least during the cost-strapped pre-funding…

If you want coverage without the five figure pricetag, these could be some options to explore

Securing media coverage doesn’t have to involve retaining an expensive PR agencies. These are some cost-effective or free ways to achieve some of the results. Photo by Redrecords ©️ from Pexels

Many startups are looking to leverage the power of media exposure to get more eyes on their brands.

However, not everybody is willing, or able, to go to the expense of hiring out a PR agency.

According to Agility PR, retainers can run from as little as $1,500 a month up to around $20,000 per month. This puts them beyond the reach of many smaller organization.

Leah Frazier is the owner of Think Tree Media and also runs the PR Yourself podcast which I just recorded an episode for.

If you’re interested in the whole subject of how to PR…

Thinking about working with me or bringing me into your team as a contractor? Here’s some info on my preferred working style

Photo: Pixabay

Last night, while browsing Medium, I came across somebody advocating the idea that professionals should create personal user manuals.

There have been a few such pieces. Here’s one of them:

Fridges and software APIs have them, the author reasoned. So why shouldn’t humans too?

I was delighted to learn that there was a widely used name for what I attempted to do six months ago when I added a page to my writing website entitled (rather unimaginatively) ‘Good Fit Guidelines.’

My idea here was to dissuade the type of clients that I don’t want to work with from reaching out…

If you’re playing a long game, you should consider not obsessing over short term needle shifts

As those who have been following my Medium profile know by now, inbound marketing has been the not-so-secret ingredient that I’m like … really excited about (as in really).

In the space of about a year (since beginning to take it seriously), it’s completely changed how I find clients for my business. Turned my process upside-down.

Two years ago, I relied on a mixture of cold (outbound) contact methods and networking / word-of-mouth to keep my freelance writing business running smoothly.

These days, I’m creating business content and thinking about funnels and how best to target prospective buyers of writing…

Daniel Rosehill

Thought leadership ghostwriter for technology clients and non-fiction books. Site: DSRGhostwriting.com. Book: amzn.to/2C3jkZS

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