A Comments Policy For This Medium Account

By default, comments are open on articles published to Medium.com.

This provides a useful interface for readers to engage with Medium.com content creators. I enjoy receiving comments!

Content creators are also able to manually close discussion on articles they have posted to Medium. I have sometimes exercised that option.

This comments policy is intended to provide clarity on what kind of discussion I may (very occasionally) moderate. Or on why and when I might choose to disable comments.

Not Allowed: Hate / Bullying

After publishing a string of articles related to cyberbullying, I received a number of abusive comments from Redditors who set up accounts on Medium solely in order to continue slinging slurs.

As manually removing this often obnoxious comments took a few minutes, I subsequently closed the discussion. I have chosen to preemptively close the discussion on any topic I publish that is likely to attract the attention of trolls.

Not Allowed: Abuse And Hate

The above rule is intended to cover instances in which I am the target of abuse and hatred spread by others.

Of course, it’s also entirely that those commenting on my Medium articles will be spreading hate against other ethnic groups. I will do my best to remove these comments as soon as I am able to.

Medium’s Rules

Comments should also abide by Medium’s latest distributed version of its rules. These can be found here:

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