A Koala Drinking Beer In Ireland — And Other Weird Things I Created Using DALL E 2 This Week


“A sloth reading the New York Times on an airplane.”

Sloth using smartphone in bed:

Koalas playing golf together:

Photo of a monkey stopping up on weekly essentials in a supermarket — bananas and beer:

A koala chewing on some eucalyptus leaves — in the Old City of Jerusalem!

A koala doing some tourist shopping — on Ben Yehuda Street in Downtown Jerusalem:

Koala as a nightclub DJ:

Sloth smoking cigar with Empire State Building in the background:

A penguin as the captain of an Airbus 380. Smiling and wearing a captain’s

A koala relaxing with a smartphone on the beach:

A koala delivering a press conference:

A koala engaging in antisocial behavior with a bottle of beer:



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