A Remote World Would Be More Accessible If Only….

While attitudes towards remote work are rapidly changing, there remain legal and administrative obstacles that stand between remote work, digital nomadism, and their full potential

Not all that’s remote is accessible. A sample remote job post from LinkedIn that disqualifies all non US-based applicants. Screenshot: LinkedIn Jobs.
Working from a café in Ramat Gan, Israel. Photo: Author.

Restrictive Country-Based Hiring Policies Weren’t A Major Thing

Anybody who has decided to stick their neck out into the world of remote work and what opportunities are currently out there has undoubtedly come across the phrase “remote from US” (or: “remote from Britain”, “remote from Ireland,” etc).

We Had Tax Laws That Were Simple For The Geographically Fluid To Understand And Which Didn’t Require A CPA To Interpret

Another obvious difficulty that those plotting lives on the road are likely to encounter at some point (whether in the planning or execution phases) is as follows:

Healthcare Were Truly Universal And Medical Systems Were Truly Integrated

Those who follow this blog are probably sick of hearing this, but I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. To help me craft these delightful compositions — I jest — I take (daily) a wonderful medication known as Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine). If you enjoy reading these posts, that chemical deserves a line in the credits.

The Rental Market Were More Remote-Friendly

A digital nomad friend was recently extolling the virtues of life in the Canary Islands.

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