Aliyah numbers are meaningless without also talking about olim retention and yeridah

To be useful and honest, Israel’s aliyah numbers have to be understood in the context of the much underdiscussed question of post-aliyah retention

Aliyah figures may be healthy, but if we fail to consider them in light of the very partial data about how many former olim are leaving Israel, a dishonest picture is always going to emerge. Photo: an El Al aircraft. Wikimedia.

If Israel Only Reports Inbound Immigration, The Picture Is Always Going To Look Various Shades Of Rosy

Truth be told, the Times of Israel coverage about the jump in aliyah figures is illustrative of any of the many pieces that have been written on the subject in recent years.

Israel’s aliyah figures are like a business only reporting on sales

I have a suggestion for the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration — which is the government organ responsible for organizing the upcoming Aliyah Day celebrations and promoting the whole notion of aliyah generally.



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