An Index To My Medium Writing So Far (1)

Since publishing my first piece on Medium about a year and a half ago (a hacky workaround for forwarding 2FA codes to your email and the first piece I attached to the ‘Daniel’s Tech World’ publication) I have been busy writing pieces here and syndicating my writing from other sources.

My writing fluctuates between a few very different subjects — I am very interested in Linux and backups but also interested in freelance writing, for instance.

And so, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick index to what I have written so far drawn from my first 113 posts.

This index is up to and including ’10 Things I’d Like To Change About Life in Israel,’ which I syndicated to this account yesterday.

My Observations About Living In Israel. And What I’d Like To See Change

Living in Israel: How-Tos

Backups and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Linux & Ubuntu

Synology NAS


Technology (General)

Freelancing And Small Business

DSR Ghostwriting: My Writing Business




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