An Open Log Of Disinformation About Me Online

Sorting out a few untruths

Daniel Rosehill
3 min readOct 25, 2022


(V1, 22/10/22)

The internet can be a very weird place. And as the saying goes, not everything you read online is true.

Although this may seem petty, here are a few random snippets of information that I’ve come across in recent months and which I have failed to rectify directly by reaching out to the people involved.

I Don’t Work For

Let’s start with a particularly weird one.

I’ve been a bit negligent about checking my vanity web searches and Google Alerts recently (I hope this post convinces somebody that running searches on yourself periodically isn’t, in fact, an act of vanity but is prudent ‘brand protection’!).

The Google algorithm managed to flag this nugget to my attention after somebody — it seems the person considering ordering the ghostwriting services — stored it in a public-facing web directory.

It appears as if the good person (people?) who operate chose to take advantage of the fact that I do have a (legitimate) ghostwriting website to intimate to their gullible prospects that I’m a part of their team.

Here’s the truth:

  1. I’d never heard of agileghostwriting before seeing this
  2. I’m not the person writing these messages
  3. This website is pretending that I’m a part of their team which is not and has never been true.

I’ve Also Never Worked For A Company Called ‘Mayple’

A few months ago I received an intriguing email:

Clicking the link I saw this:

Unfortunately there are a few problems here:

  1. I’ve never worked for Mayple (I signed up to look at the website for a client. It wasn’t a fit).
  2. While it’s flattering to think that I may have achieved this stellar 4.5 star writing after 39 reviews none of these reviews can be true because …. I have never worked for this company.
  3. I have no team.

I Also Don’t Write For A Site Called Top10.Com Any More

Finally we have the peculiar case of an old freelancing client which has — for over a year now — been updating the ‘published by’ dates on my author page to make it look as if I am still writing for them.

Thanks to Wachete for catching them red-handed:

There are probably ones I’m forgetting but that will do for now ….



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