Could Embracing A Long Term Pandemic Mindset Be A ‘Superpower’?

3M half face respirator and goggles. Initial PPE (minus the full face visor and hazmat suit)
  • It being safe again, without reservations, to abandon social distancing
  • It being safe again, without reservations, to fly internationally — without the subsequent requirement of a quarantine period at the destination

A Word of Caution

Unfortunately, as anybody attempting this will soon discover, hermetically sealing oneself against the incoming tide of ‘irrelevant’ information isn’t really possible.

Could A Long Term Mindset Be The Key To Maximizing The Pandemic?

COVID: The perfect opportunity for a relocation to a sunnier clime?
  • Instead of thinking that this might be a cool time to try out freelancing — or continue doing it — consider whether this might be an opportunity to begin remote working for an employer. There’s more stability — but a less diversified income base! — and getting benefits is nice.
  • Instead of using the “pandemic pause” as an opportunity to take a Udemy course or to upskill, realize that it’s probably going to be long enough to fit in a more substantial period of retraining — such as even taking a remote degree. What might you already have achieved had you thought along these lines from the very outset? But it’s not too late! Based on current forecasts there’s still likely enough time to undertake even a short degree program before it ends!



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Daniel Rosehill

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