Current licensing and syndication terms for my writing on Medium

If you’d like to reproduce or quote anything from this Medium account, kindly do so under the following terms

— Changelog: V1. 08/21

Current syndication and licensing terms for my writing here on Medium. Image: Social media icons on a smartphone. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Over the past couple of years, writing on Medium has become one of my favorite past-times.

While writing is typically part of my workday, I don’t always get to choose the topics that I write about.

By providing a great platform that’s a joy to write on with a lightning-fast UI backed by consistently good uptime, Medium has thrown a good deal of fire upon my creative resources.

It’s even made me backtrack slightly on my traditional reluctance to use non-managed / privatized and cloud-hosted tech. My happy middle ground? I post a lot here but backup everything that goes up diligently.

As this network of articles continues to sprawl — as do my thoughts — I have found that bloggers, podcasts, and other parties have occasionally begun citing and quoting my work. And so, in order to avoid the process of requesting permission for reprinting / quotes / etc, I have added this licensing page to preempt any questions.

Licensing And Syndication Terms For My Articles

Until this page is deleted or otherwise retracted, anything I write on this Medium account can be considered to be licensed under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

For details of each of its constituent elements, please see this page:

Because I think that Creative Commons does terrific work that is vital to both protecting the interests of creators and streamlining the permissions requesting process, here’s a quick explainer for why this is my current preference:

  • Attribution is appreciated because if I write something, or share an idea, I want to stand by it.
  • Non-commercial is asserted because the writing that I publish here on Medium is non-monetized (at the time of writing this version, I have opted to put my articles in front of the paywall).
  • Non-derivative is asserted because I do not want anything I write to be misconstrued or misquoted or taken out of context through a derivative work.

I’ve also opted, by default, for my YouTube uploads to be licensed under the closest license that YouTube provides to creators:

Feel free to embed any videos in your resource(s) too.

Examples Of Things That Aren’t Okay

Since opening this channel, I’ve had:

  • Websites syndicating my posts here complete with an author page and a contact me form that I have no means of accessing. This is annoying because it is liable to create the false impression that I am ignoring contact from any readers.
  • Websites plagiarizing posts that have appeared here without attribution. This is just bad practice and always leaves a bad taste.
  • Websites plagiarizing posts that I have written here while also translating them from normative English into non-native level English.

All these things are annoying and I reserve the right to take action as a result of any of them.

How To Contact Me

Contact information, including PGP-capable email, is provided here:

You can also reach me at:

medium +

my name (first name and last name together no spaces, all lower case).

dot co dot il as the TLD.

Thank you for your understanding!

Daytime: tech-focused MarCom. Night-time: somewhat regular musings here. Or the other way round. Likes: Linux, tech, beer.