East Jerusalem: Exploring Jerusalem’s Contested Other Half (Photos, Videos)

Palestinian women shopping on Sultan Suleiman street in East Jerusalem, near Damascus Gate. Photo: author.
A money changing shop on Salah ah-Din street, one of the main commercial streets in East Jerusalem, near Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. Photo: author.
A sign erected by the Jerusalem Municipality on Sultan Suleiman Street in East Jerusalem. Photo: author.
A Palestinian lady walks near the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem near the Herod’s Gate entrance. Photo: author.
A shop in the Old City of Jerusalem. Many stores sell a mixture of both Palestinian and Israeli flags, hedging their bets on their expected clientele. Photo: author.
Located, deliberately, between the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukkaber and the Jewish neighborhood of Armon HaNatsiv, reaching hopefully skward, the Tolerance Monument gives expression to a Polish architect’s desire to see greater coexistence between the two groups in the capital. To date, that dream has remained largely that. Photo: author.
In East Jerusalem, the Arab streetscape is broken up by the trappings of Israeli sovereignty, like this outlet of the Clalit health maintenance organization (HMO) in Ras Al Amud in East Jerusalem. Photo: author.
Israel’s separation barrier, at Ras Al Amud, which separates the East Jerusalem neighborhood from Abu Dis, partially within area B of the PA. Photo: author.




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