• Brittany LeMoine

    Brittany LeMoine

    Lover of Words. Compelling Storyteller. Above all: Writer.

  • Michael Bloch

    Michael Bloch

    Former McKinsey Senior Partner with 23 years focused on technology and business transformation. I now help scale up non-profits on behalf of their funders.

  • Maria Dal Pan

    Maria Dal Pan

    Writer, editor, collaborator and expert on visual language. Interested in working together? Find me at https://erwinparkcommunications.com

  • Alice Cunningham

    Alice Cunningham

    Creative. Copywriter. Adventuress. Adrenalin junkie. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Glass-half-full girl. Creator of the Blooming Boomer Blog: SixtyPlusUs.

  • Avital Eusgeld

    Avital Eusgeld

    * Made in London / Living in Israel * WIRED on: Style | Modest Fashion | Brand | Wellness | Culture | * CEO HiPitched: https://www.hipitched.com/

  • Erica Eller

    Erica Eller

    #Sustainability storyteller and content marketer | ericaeller.com | Find me on Twitter, FB, IG, Youtube and LI

  • Petra J. Blake

    Petra J. Blake

    Writer. Daughter. Traveller. Writing about topics that keep me up at night. You can find me on here or petra.j.blake@gmail.com

  • Sophie Marie

    Sophie Marie

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