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  • Maor Bin

    Maor Bin

    CEO & Co-Founder @ Adaptive Shield

  • Eveline Praal

    Eveline Praal

    Freelance Writer living in Amsterdam. Believes in the power of words. Loves to make true connections.

  • Nick Barlow

    Nick Barlow

    Former academic and politician. Now working out what comes next. @nickjbarlow on Twitter and IG. Support my writing https://medium.com/@nick-barlow/membership

  • Dan Kay

    Dan Kay

    Medium senior curator. Always adventurous. Occasionally political. I write creative stories about life, love, climbing and travel. thisisyouth.org

  • Shea Matthew

    Shea Matthew

    Writer, Psychotherapist, Thinker, Multipotentialite

  • Elizabeth Marsamane

    Elizabeth Marsamane

  • DSR —Derick Sozo Ruiz

    DSR —Derick Sozo Ruiz

    👨‍💻 Remote Web Dev

  • Jessica Powell

    Jessica Powell

    Technophile, technophobe. Music software start-up founder. Former Google VP. Author, The Big Disruption. Fan of shochu, chocolate, and the absurd.

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