Genuine Doar Yisrael (Israel Post) emails

Because there have been some phishing scams involving Doar Yisrael (Israel Post) imposters recently, I thought I would share a real email notification from the post service.

Doar started sending email notifications to mirror their SMS notifications about a year ago. I expect they will gradually transition from paper slips to SMS to email.

A genuine email notification from Doar Yisrael

A few notable features:

a) The notifications come from This is what Doar Yisrael uses for internal email (source: communicating with the postal service via this channel). Doar’s public-facing domain is But both sending domains are official.

b) The notifications follow a standard format that is also used for SMS notifications.

c) The most telling clue. The messages never mention that you can pay to expedite delivery. There is one link to the צו יבוא אישי form and another for more information.

Sometimes the post office sends notifications that offer delivery through Gett (only certain branches support this service). However, these looks as follows:

If you doubt the authenticity of any notification received from Doar, calling their moked on 171 is the best course of action.

But if your notification matches these criteria, and doesn’t ask for payment, it is almost certainly genuine.



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