Go fully async with me (marketing consultant) and I’ll knock 20% off your monthly invoice

Want to help me show how asynchronous communications can make remote working so much better for everybody involved? Then join my experiment!

Want to join an asynchronous communications work experiment? If you’d like to hire me to help with your marketing I’m willing to tack on a 20% discount for anybody that wants to go #async only. Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Asynchronous communications is great.

While the concept has its limits, many — including me — find it to be a superior way to engage in remote working.

By taking away the requirement for two people to be online / on the phone at the exact same time in order to communicate, asynchronous communications can:

  • Make it far easier to work with colleagues — and clients — in different time zones
  • Make it much easier for everybody involved in remote working to plan their time around things like leisure and deep work
  • Help avoid “meeting crush”: when back to back meetings crowd out calendars making it virtually impossible for anybody — especially temperamental creatives — to get into the kind of deep work periods that not only allows creatively-minded folk to do their best work, but which actually allows them to find fulfillment and happiness (yes, really!)

I’ve been pushing clients and colleagues to get more into async for quite some time now.

I’ve published a professional user manual which includes an outline of my communications preferences (heavily async).

I’ve turned away client because they made it clear that they were “phone people” with very high expectations for responsiveness — effectively around the clock availability — and I value periodically disconnecting.

And I’ve made a point of trying to sign up for just about every #async friendly tool that comes to market (thankfully, we’re currently living through something of a renaissance period in the space).

I believe that asynchronous communication can make remote work so much better for everybody involved.

At a time when countless professionals are growing increasingly frustrated by the epidemic of needless Zoom meetings coming our way, I believe that async is going to have to be more widely adapted for this form of working — and connectivity — to actually succeed.

And so I’d like to offer both my current clients and those who might be interested in working with me a deal.

And Here’s The Deal I’m Offering

You get 20% off your monthly invoice so long as we agree to the following grounds rules.

The discount remains in place for as long as the ground rules do.

So if you decide that you’d like to continue working together but that the whole #async thing doesn’t really work for you, that’s totally fine too. I’m not trying to run an #async only business. But I am trying to encourage clients to shift in that direction.

And here are the rules:

  • All communication must take place through an #async friendly channel. I would suggest as a starting point email, Loom, and Yac. Although I’m also happy to check out whatever tool you’ve discovered that you like the best.
  • We both agree a service level agreement (SLA) that sets out the maximum acceptable response interval on both sides. Let’s say that it can be three business days. Or it can be two. Or one. This is the length of time during which it’s reasonable for both of us to get back to one another.
  • No phone calls or Zooms.

And here’s a really important one:

You agree to participate in a blog. Not in a case study for my business (we can leave out the details of what I actually did for you!). But a personal blog designed to demonstrate how people working together from totally different parts of the globe can work together completely efficiently without ever having to meet on Zoom or through any other real time communications channel.

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