Hiring Israel-Based Talent For Remote Jobs: 4 Reasons Your Company Should Be Considering It

This small Middle Eastern tech power could also be the talent pool you’ve never thought about tapping

Connected to the world and with an abundance of immigrant talent, Israel is a country worth exploring for your next remote projects. Photo: Wikimedia.

Israel Is Chock Full Of Immigrant Talent

As a country built on immigration, it’s no surprise that Israel happens to have a disproportionately large expat community within its borders.

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers
  • Salespeople

Israel Is On UTC+2 — So Is Easy To Interface With From Europe

Source: World Time Zone Map by 24TimeZones.com

Remote Work Is Quickly Becoming Entrenched In Israel

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of remote working arrangements — both in Israel and throughout the world.

Israel Is Well Connected By Air To Major Financial Centers And World Capitals

The arrivals/departures board on the Ben Gurion Airport website. Image: IAA.



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