How To Contact Daniel Rosehill

Written awkwardly in the third party for SEO purposes

Emails, emails, lots of emails.

A number of people have reached out to me over recent days looking to get in touch.

Firstly, the homepage of my personal website contains (nothing but) a contact form. You can find that resource here.

As a cybersecurity writer, I’m also a fan of privacy and security.

Which is why — from time to time — I use PGP end-to-end encrypted email for correspondence.

If you’d like to use PGP to get in touch with me, then this (Medium-hosted) piece should contain everything you need, including my public key.

Daniel Rosehill Email Address

Finally you may wish to reach me by email.

Im in a constant battle with the spam-bots of this world. You might be too.

So here are my two attempts (probably unsuccessful) to defeat them.

Firstly, here’s my email address baked into an image:

And here’s an elaborate way of describing that using text:

  • The name of this website
  • At
  • My first and last names together without spaces
  • Dot co dot il

Daytime: tech-focused MarCom. Night-time: somewhat regular musings here. Or the other way round. Likes: Linux, tech, beer.