How To Hire And Work With A Freelance Writer (Or Ghostwriter)

What’s Involved In Hiring (And Using) A Freelance Writer

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What’s working with a wordsmith for hire really like?

Where Can I Find A Freelance Writer For Hire?

Naturally, the best place to find a freelance writer is to check out my website at

Freelance Marketplaces

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Upwork: A Plentiful Source Of Freelance Writers!
  • nDash
  • Access to a huge and diverse talent pool.

Job Boards

You can also hire freelance writers by posting advertisements on job boards, including LinkedIn jobs.

How Can I Start Working With A Freelance Writer?

Before engaging the services of a freelance writer it’s worth spending a little time getting to know them in order to assess fit. This is particularly true if you’re hiring a ghostwriter who’s going to be writing under your byline (that just means ‘under your name’ by the way; like the name that appears beneath the headline in your average blog post / news article).

Scheduling The Freelance Writer Interview

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You can create a virtual boardroom meeting with your whole team and a writer through videoconferencing. Photo: Pixabay
  • What is their average lead time for certain projects?
  • What does their standard contract look like?
  • Are revisions included?
  • What are the approximate prices?
  • What type of projects have they worked on before?
  • Do they also offer keyword research or other ancillary services?
  • Do they have standard terms and conditions that they could link to?
  • What happens to the IP after they finish with the piece?
  • Per project pricing
  • Per hour pricing
  • Some writers will offer you a flat hourly fee and keep a timesheet
  • Some will charge you a fixed fee for each deliverable
  • In still other cases, writers might offer you a retainer which covers a fixed amount of deliverables / hours per month or other unit of time

How To Work With A Freelance Writer

But what about actually getting down to business?

  • I sometimes request a meeting (depending upon project size)
  • I produce the work
  • The client reviews the work and sends revisions, if required
  • I carry out the revisions
  • We take care of billing matters
  • Some information about your target audience
  • A guideline about what tone the piece should take
  • SEO keywords that might need to be included

The Freelance Writer Hiring Cheat Sheet

The TL;DR of this article is:

  • It’s common for prospective clients to interview freelance writers they are thinking about working with. You may also request to see a portfolio / writing samples or put the writer through a pilot / test.
  • Writers may limit the number of revisions they include in their price (or not include any at all). Likewise for meetings.
  • You use a brief to instruct writers on what they should write about. This can be a written document or it could be conveyed in an email.
  • Writers can charge for their work by the word, by the hour, or by deliverables. They can also levy a retainer for their services.

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