How to save a Clonezilla full disk image to a server/NAS over SSH

How To Take a Clonezilla Backup over the LAN

(Images from the Clonezilla website.)

1. Select the backup methodology and enable the right file services

After booting into Clonezilla, when you reach the screen asking you where to mount the Clonezilla image directory you want to select ‘SSH server.’

2. Create a shared folder for the backup

Next, I recommend creating a shared folder on the network simply called ‘Clonezilla’

3. Change mount path to the shared folder

Firstly, you’ll need to provide the local IP address of the NAS / server and then provide login credentials.

4. Approve the backup job

If you get to a screen like — in which the NAS or server sends the terminal its key fingerprint for acceptance — then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your computer has just demonstrated that it has interfaced with the server/NAS, read some of its hardware information, and is poised to take the next step in the backup process.



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