I Went Into Flight Mode For Six Months. Here’s What Happened.

Back in January, I wrote an excited Medium post about how being slightly less responsive was going to be the motto of my year.

Becoming An ✈️Airplane Man

The flight mode habit developed like this.

Returning To Phone-full Society

Recently-after having explored the far edges of non-responsiveness-I decided that I was ready to come back to the middle ground. At least just a bit.

📞 I Receive A Lot Of Phone Calls — We All Do

After I began retreating from the safe sanctuaries of flight mode, I realized why I was drawn to going into it in the first place.

Being Inaccessible Causes Societal Distress

People seem to get really angry when they can’t reach somebody on demand by phone

People Stopped Calling For Random Chats

Because my phone has been in flight mode as often as it’s been on for the past few months, my average response time has lagged into the hours.

The Good Parts

I have probably missed hundreds of phone calls over the past six months.

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