If You’re Currently Learning Video, Lighting, And Sound, These YouTube Playlists Might Be Of Interest

Some DIY hacks to a clapperboard. Photo: author.

I’m now a couple of months into my journey with video.

I’m still not sure what the end-point is going to look like, although I have some pretty clear short term aspirations:

  • I want to produce better videos for my business in order to attract clients through inbound video marketing (speaking of which, this is on my reading list);
  • I’d like to use my small YouTube channel as a learning platform. Through that small enterprise of publishing videos on YouTube I’d like to travel more throughout Israel finding interesting places — and people- to shoot.
  • If I get to the point at which I feel like I have the basics down (six to twelve months of consistent effort?), I’d like to see how I could leverage that in my service offering to clients. I have some thoughts in formation as to how the narrowing bridges between text-based, audio and video content are going to affect creators (those are below). I could see myself working with a seasoned videographer to try do interesting things for clients.

Other things I’ve recently written on the subject of video:

One thing I’ve quickly learned about video: it’s a massive field and there’s so much to pick up on. But — as a rookie — I like to boil it down to its constituent elements (or what I see those as) so that I can focus on getting better in one domain at a time:

  • Video
  • Stabilization (really a subset of video, I guess, but this is something I want to get really right)
  • Lighting
  • Audio

As you might expect from a platform that was built to make it easy to host and share video, YouTube is a terrific resource in this respect. There are lots of tremendous creators there sharing their knowledge for free.

Of course paid resources have their place to — I’m hoping to take Curtis Judd’s Learn Light And Sound online course once I’ve made a little more progress and my credit card has recovered from its recent hammering.

As a believer in the value of open source, I set the privacy on all these playlists to public. So if you’re on a similar learning journey, you might find some of these as interests. They’re living online resources. So as I find more topics of interest to me, I’ll continue keeping them updated.

These are organized alphabetically.

A-Roll Vs. B-Roll

You’ll encounter these terms early on during your exploration of filmmaking and video.

This short playlist contains videos I’ve handpicked from around YouTube explaining some best practices when shooting both.

Adding Cold Shoes To Cameras That Don’t Have Them

There are some lower end consumer camcorders that don’t have any cold shoes / accessory mounts build into them. Yes, this might seem like a small problem — but to those in this situation, it can be very annoying. Here are a few hacks from the minds of YouTube.

Audio (Top Level Topics)

Here’s the first “master” topic on the list: audio.

There are playlists here delving into aspects of audio — like mixing — but this playlist should give a decent top level overview.

Audio Mixers For Cameras And Camcorders

A typical recommendation to rookies in the video world is to record audio and shot video separately as soon as possible and do the syncing work in post-production.

Nevertheless, if you’re not ready to take that jump yet but want to work with multiple microphones and mix sources live, these videos could be useful.

Boom Pole Operation

Apparently there’s more to operating a boom pole than just holding it randomly in the air and hoping that it picks up sound from your source. The boom pole operators of YouTube show how to use their tool of choice.

Camcorder Accessories — Guides

Some of these videos are likely a little bit promotional (/creators pushing affiliate merchandise a bit too hard). But there may also be some good recommendations for accessories and gear in here that you mightn’t have considered.

Camcorders (Comparison Guides, Etc)

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be staying on the camcorder side of the camcorder:camera divide for the foreseeable future. Yes, even though it confers that awkward uncle at the family BBQ look. I’ll be adding to this playlist as I can find more videos on the subject and reviews of what’s currently on the market.

Camcorder Lenses

A few videos that should cover the basics of working with aftermarket camcorder lenses: how to keep them clean and change them.

Here’s a playlist that includes lens filters too:

Camcorder Monitors- Overview and Guides

Sadly, my current tool of choice isn’t monitor-capable.

But for when I begin using something that is, here are some videos about camera monitors: what’s on the market and how to choose the best one for your gear.

Camcorder Microphones

Microphones that seem to be intended mostly for video use. I.e on camera microphones, hypercardiod shotguns for boompoles and the like.

Camera Bag Tours

Trying to avoid buying more gear? Then probably don’t watch a bunch of camera bag tours. Nevertheless, this seems to be a popular format among creators. Watching through some of these vids can be a good way to see what kind of gear the ‘pros’ are using to improve the caliber of their productions.

Camera Cranes And Jibs

Cranes and jibs might seem like things that only pro videographers use on commercial shoots. But there are a few cheaper / consumer-level devices on the market.

This playlist is a mixture of jibs used by the pros and hobbyists playing around with lower-end consumer gear. There are also some instructional videos here regarding how to … use the thigns.

Camera Sliders

Guides on camera sliders: what they are; what’s on the market; and some tips and tricks to make the most possible use out of them.

Camera Tripods And Monopods

When it comes to those things that prop cameras and camcorders up, there are nuances and degrees of quality. Here are purchasing guides to both.



Consumer vs. Prosumer Level Gear

Confused on where the divide lies? Honestly so am I. Hopefully after watching these videos I won’t be!

Curtis Judd Tutorials

I really enjoy watching Curtis Judd’s explanations of audio and lighting concepts.

Here are some tutorials picked out from among his output on YouTube (which includes lots of product reviews but these are generally excluded here);

DJI Ronin SC

If you own a different electric gimbal, a different DJI gimbal, or don’t use one at all (or use one of those … non-electric things) then these videos won’t be of much interest. But if you do….

All about the DJI Ronin SC including operation:

Some guides to aftermarket accessories:

Some videos about calibration:

Gimbals And Monopod

A popular combination for getting fake crane / jib / drone footage. These videos go into the various combinations you can try out and how to get better shots using this combo.

Gimbal Techniques

Gimbals are becoming very popular. As I just mentioned, I recently picked up a Ronin SC. I intend watching some of these videos (I’m already partially through the list) in order to learn more about how to get the most from my gadget.

Handheld Stabilization

Among all the gimbal-mania it’s easy to forget that you can still record footage … using your hands. If you want to learn more about how to stabilize properly using … your hands … then this playlist should be useful.

Home Studio Setup

If you’re also looking to do some vlogging from home and are trying to find a way to make your tiny home office look like … a legit studio … then these videos should be informative.

How To … Use A Clapperboard (Or Slate)

Clapperboards aren’t just used to try get that Hollywood look going on. They’re basic (well some of them) but very useful tools for helping sync up audio and video in post-production.

Lens Use

Lenses ain’t going to make themselves work, you know?

These videos give some primers on how to make the best use of the lenses in your bag.

Light Diffusion And Softboxes

Videos on the subject of light diffusion, light modifications, and soft boxes.

Lighting (Top Level Topic)

This is my “master” playlist covering hopefully most things related to lighting as it pertains to videography.

It’s a big chunk of info with almost 200 videos.

Hopefully by the time I’m through with it I’ll know my fill lights from my key lights from …. wait, what were those other ones called?

Monitor Speakers And Headphones

If you’re working a lot in post-production, then monitor speakers (and/or headphones) could come in very useful. Also called: reference speakers.

Non-Electric Stabilization

I’m certain that I’m going to eventually purchase a non-electric stabilizer … and that I’ll probably end up using it more than my gimbal.

Why? I’m a contrarian. Sourcing a gimbal was hard work. And I actually love the idea that these gadgets aren’t dependent upon power. At the minimum, I’d love to learn and become proficient at using both tools.

These things really have their advocates. And here are some of them.

Photography Umbrellas

Another gizmo that gives you that cool ‘pro’ look. But which also has a very important purpose. Added to my ‘lighting’ section.


Some useful guides on setting up your own rigs for shooting video.

White Balance (How To Set Manually, Gear, Etc)

Learning how to do things manually — setting focus, aperature, white balance — can make a big difference in your videos. White balance is especially vital.

These are videos with tips on how to do just that.

Along a similar vein:




Yes, kind of right back where we started from. But more general / higher level topics on the subject of videography.

Wireless Boom Rigs

Traditionally, boom setups use wired shotgun microphones. But wireless boom setups have their fans even if the thought of running anything over the air makes others very nervous.

Wireless Sound Systems

Purchasing guides to wireless sound setups and systems.




Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things. https://www.danielrosehill.com

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Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill

Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things. https://www.danielrosehill.com

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