In plot twist, Alex Fasulo claims CNBC “cut out the details of everything” from now-viral clip

Last month, posting here, I asked some questions about the outsized $378K income which Fiverr writer and online course seller Alex Fasulo said that she makes through the network.

The story went viral, notching up more than 1,800 claps and almost 12,000 views (at the time of this writing).

Last night, an anonymous tipster drew my attention to Fasulo’s sit-down interview with The Iced Coffee Hour hosted by Graham Stephen, who describes himself as a “30 year old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18.”

I described Stephan’s reaction video — in which he offered to pay Fasulo to write a book about his pet — as credulous

The entire video podcast interview is more than an hour long. But for those of us interested in following this strange viral sensation — and asking some probing questions — Stephan has done us the public service of both breaking out segments and marking up the video.

Here’s what’s notable:

Fasulo Claims CNBC “Cut Out The Details Of Everything” — Including Her Outsourcing

In my original article (above) I pointed out the near mathematical impossibility that Fasulo could have single-handedly fulfilled the orders that she claimed to have fulfilled on the freelancing marketplace.

In YouTube video podcast interview, Fasulo claims CNBC “cut out” key details of her freelancing business to edit down clip that subsequently went viral

Subsequent to publication, Fasulo released a Tik Tok video in which she admitted to using “co writers”:

“For the first four years of freelancing I did everything by myself …. around the fourth year mark I had a normal business thought which was ‘maybe I should bring on a team to help me with all of this. I currently work with two other writers. I will probably be hiring a third in the coming weeks.”

In light of that claim, I questioned why this rather huge detail — that Fasulo effectively outsources her Fiverr work — was conspicuously absent from the CNBC spot and subsequent viral coverage that it received.

In what looks very much like a precalculated move, Fasulo used her sit-down with Stephan to claim that the US station “cut out” core details of her story:

“They [CNBC] cut out a lot about everything that I’m doing … They cut out the details of everything. They hit you with the big shock title and then they don’t explain everything below it. So yeah, I mean I work with other writers right now. I have for the last two years … I’m now writing with other writers because I want to scale to seven figures, that’s the goal here.”

Fasulo Says That She Doesn’t “Partner Up” With Fiverr, Airs Belief The Marketplace “Doesn’t Like” the “Power She Wields.”

In a break-out clip from the interview (entitled “Fiverr’s Beef With Fiverr Millionaire Alex Fasulo”), Fasulo added a couple more claims about Fiverr:

“Me and them [Fiverr] do not partner up with media. You catch me at a funny time with my Fiverr journey. There’s a lot going on. Not all of which I can talk about. But me and them … we don’t partner up on media stuff. They might not sponsor this I’m sorry to tell you. You should ask Upwork.”

In response to the host’s questions whether what Fasulo has just disclosed is a “controversial thing,” Fasulo airs her suspicion that Fiverr “don’t like the power that I wield over them.”

Stephan answers — and alleges: “you know what it is … if you do something bad, then guess what, that looks bad on Fiverr. Believe it or not they’re working that in contracts now.”

Fasulo adds further fire to the controversy saying that she could tell “the millions of people that come to her for freelancing advice saying ‘don’t use the site’ … and I don’t think they’d like that.”

In response to another question: “I wonder if Fiverr would consider hiring you for a more corporate job as a salaried employee … or have you on the board” Fasulo responds “no … it’s a no … I’ve pitched myself to them as an influencer type so many times and the email just collects dust”

Stephan responds: “I think it worries them that you’re transitioning to an influencer because whatever you do now reflects back on them.” Fasulo responds: “100%.”

Developments In The Story

The $378K Fiverr freelancer:

  • Claims that CNBC Make It “cut out” core details of her freelancing story, including — presumably — the fact that she outsources writing work to partners
  • Says that she no longer “partners up” with Fiverr for marketing (interesting, Fiverr previously hosted a press release on their website describing Fasulo’s work)
  • Alleges that “millions of people” come to her for freelancing advice
  • Claims Fiverr “doesn’t like” the “power she wields”

Watch For Yourself

Also Worth A Read

According to Marx D.

“She says [in the interview] it takes her 32 minutes to write 2,000 words.

H/T: Anon




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Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill

Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things.

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