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To all 18 of my current Medium followers, I wanted to quickly introduce a project that — alongside the DSR Ghostwriting Podcast (massive audio quality improvements on the way!) — represents my main podcasting initiative.

(And yes, that means that the #DanHanWedding podcast, which I believe was the only wedding preview podcast in the history of wedding planning, has gone into retirement).

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The Borderliners Podcast, which I co-host (and co-produce) with Nina Jones Rabinowitz, proudly promises to interview “the people that nobody else wants to,” comprising “peripheral characters from the fringes of Israeli society.”

So far, those that have answered the i̶n̶s̶u̶l̶t̶ call comprise:

The episodes are being recorded in Ben Wallick’s Jerusalem audio studio.

Ridiculousness aside, the show’s purpose is to interview people from the cultural, religious, and socioeconomic borderlines of Jerusalem’s complex social fabric, including religious leaders, ethnic groups, and …. people doing interesting things.

We have lined up and/or are working our networks to interview:

  • A Jerusalem-based UN peacekeeper

And to challenge stereotypes and just interview interesting people we’re also looking to talk to:

  • An Anglo Egged bus driver

Want To Come On The Show?

If you are a Jerusalem-based, English-speaking borderliner …. or know of somebody that is, then please drop us a line. We would love to chat.

Season To Date

S01/E03: Eli Schabes. Better known as Maz Gan. Jerusalem-based musician / general artist who has been gigging in Jerusalem’s Russian underworld for the past few years.
S01/E02: Jerssica Leah Tabak. The next generation of Jerusalem cat ladies — or smiling city-wrecker? Listen to the episode to decide for yourself.
S01/E01: Sam Schubert. Modern day Renaissance Man and reusable products pioneer.

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