Irish parliamentary motion: assert that Israel has “no place … among the international community”

Opinion: Calling for the shunning of uniquely Israel from the international community and undoing its recognition as as country is naked anti-Semitism

Israel: motion being debated in Irish parliament calls on government to assert that Israel “has no place … among the international community.” Photo: Zachi Evenor via Flickr

The Irish Twittersphere is currently busily debating a private members bill (PMB) that, if passed, would require the government to expel the Israeli ambassador and all diplomatic staff from Ireland.

As I observed a couple of days ago, Ireland is currently joined only by Jordan in seeking the forced closure of an Israeli embassy as a form of retribution for Israel’s latest war of self-defense in Gaza.

But it’s not the shameful claims that Israel was engaging in “ethnic cleansing” or is an Apartheid state that concern me.

It’s not the fact that a piece of what looks like a classic piece of Hamas propaganda is being debated in Ireland’s parliament and is coming adorned with the appearance of political legislation.

It’s actually the following, taken from the private members bill (PMB):

The legislation calls upon Ireland’s parliament to assert that Israel — or rather what the legislators describe as the “Israeli apartheid system — “has no place among the international community of nations.”

Read the full private members bill here.

Naked Antisemitism Being Debated In Irish Parliament

The fact that the proposed legislation would be a non-binding declaration and is unlikely to pass — at least without amendment — doesn’t reassure me. Not one bit.

The shameful, inciteful and inflammatory text that attempted to depict Israel as evil incarnate through amending legislation stands on the record. It was what was intended to be passed. And it was dressed up in the language of parliamentary legislation and formerly debated.

The official call for the ostracization of Israel from the international community — with an initial set of actions including the expulsion of one of its embassies flowing from that — has to be seen, in my view, as nothing other than naked anti-Semitism.

I favor a fluid definition of anti-Semitism. And given that Zionism is part of normative Judaism, calls for the annihilation of Israel meet the bar.

So do attempts to shun uniquely Israel from the “international community” — effectively undoing the process of international recognition after its founding — solely on the basis of disagreeing with its policies and conduct.

Ireland is leading the way in the global movement to defame Israel. Some of the recent developments align its worldview with that of Iran and other elements.

The amendments were drafted by Richard Barrett of the People Before Profit (PBP) party.

Update: the motion was defeated. 86 voted against and 46 voted in favor.

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