My Current System For Avoiding Impulse Online Purchases

Online shopping: creating short purchase “documents” can help you “sit on” purchase ideas. Particularly if you’re worried about “losing” the research you did that led you to your “must have” item. Photo: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Figuring Out Why I Tend To Buy Things Online

Create A Document For Each (Major) Purchase You're Considering

  • A “communications cabinet” to store my new home networking setup in. Undoubtedly, this would look pretty slick and allow me store other things around where my networking gear is situated. But it’s definitely not something that I need.
  • A new networking card for my desktop that has two ethernet ports. My entire desktop is now four years old and many of its components — like the NIC — could use an upgrade. With a second ethernet port, I could use Speedify to bond my cellular and ISP connections. But I could do the same thing much more cheaply by just buying an ethernet to USB adapter and waiting until I buy a whole new computer before making this upgrade.



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