My Professional User Manual — V1

Thinking about working with me or bringing me into your team as a contractor? Here’s some info on my preferred working style

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I Love Order. I Hate Chaos.

Please save your armchair diagnoses about what this might say about me for another day.

I Dislike Same Day Meeting Requests And Clients That Are Always In Emergency Mode

Sorry to be so negative but there’s really no point in drafting this document if I’m not going to be honest about stuff that I don’t like. It’s actually easier for me to communicate this way. Avoid these few things and in most cases we can expect a smooth and enjoyable working relationship.

Email Is My Go-To. Pointless Zoom Meetings Just Waste Your Time And Mine.

Although asynchronous communication certainly has its pitfalls, as a writer, I generally find email the most efficient way through which to onboard information. That includes edits to a document and requests for revisions. Even though I’ve used Slack for many years, for the most part, I just don’t see the point. Email, for me, is still the centerpoint of my working life.

I Can Do A Lot More Than “Just” Write. Ask Me For My Opinion!

One of the pitfalls of offering writing services to clients (or so I have found) is that clients tend to box you in as a “writer” and assume that that’s all that you can (and want) to do. For me at least, nothing could be farther from the case.

A Dash Of Humanity Goes A Long Way

I once worked for a client for two years and got to know almost nothing about my account manager.



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Daniel Rosehill

Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things.