PSA: anything written about me on Reddit may be untrue

Cross-posted from Reddit:

During the past six months or so, I have been receiving a (sometimes) steady stream of harassment on Reddit, some of it anti-Semitic in nature.

Against my better judgment, and what the textbooks on “how to deal with cyberbullying” say I have been responding periodically to rebut lies being spread about me by some of these posters.

However, at the point of time I’m writing this, I believe I’m fast reaching the point at which doing this any further is a waste of time and energy. I’m also behind on two projects and really need to move on with my week.

I’ve carefully documented the abuse, reported the involved users to Reddit, and attempted to start a petition calling on Reddit to consider banning anonymity (ironically itself defaced with anti-Semitic abuse!).

What more can be done?

While the bullies attempt to dictate what I should do — or tell me to leave Reddit — I reserve and assert the right to do whatever I want on Reddit.

Nevertheless, as I’m thinking about continuing to post on Reddit, I’m pinning this notice to my profile to point out that:

  • If there is disinformation being spread about me (or abuse or harassment) I may be avoiding responding for this reason
  • There’s a good chance that any suspicious behavior or claims on Reddit fall into this context

Note: anything I have posted to Medium about the cyberbullying and abuse I have received on Reddit has resulted in Reddit trolls swarming the comments section here on Medium to continue the abuse. Hence, I have had to close comments.

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