Public resource: Jerusalem coronavirus exposure map (breaking)

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Image for post recently reported (in Hebrew) that an infected patient from New York visited Jerusalem between 23/03 and 27/02.

This has likely resulted in exposure to the general public.

As a public service I threw together a quick English translation and added the details to a Google Map.

Both are below.

The Ministry of Health advises that:

  • Anybody who was in the listed places during the specified times should begin a 14 day quarantine and report it to the Ministry of Health website.
  • Alternatively they should call *5400.
  • In the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, or cough, they should contact the MDA (national ambulance service) hotline by dialing 101.

23/02 (Sun)

21:30–23:30: Mamilla. Café Rimon and Zara.

23/02 (Mon)

13:00–15:00: Café Rimon on Ben Yehuda St.

15:00: Took 74 (Northbound) from King George St. Disembarked on Derekh Hevon (not sure if that’s a specific spot or in general).

17:00–19:00: Went to Keyon Hadar and Osher Ad

24/02 (Tues)

14:00–15:00: Kitchen Station, David Remez 4 (That’s Hamiznon in the First Station)

24/02 (Weds)

09:00–10:00: Visited Mizrahi Tefahot Bank on Heleini HaMalka 9

11:30–1400: Another trip to Osher Ad. Visited Fox Home, Osher Ad (again) and צוצת ספרים (Tsomet Sfarim — the book store that isn’t Steimatsky).

25/02 (Thurs)

10:00: Took the Sorthbound bus line 74 FROM Derekh Hevon to town.

11:00–13:00: Went to the the Kafit coffee shop on 36 Emek Refaim

19:30: Took the 74 Southbound (again) from Derekh Hevron to the Tahana Merkazit / CBS

20:30: Took the train to the airport.

Exposure Google Map

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