Received antisemitic abuse on Reddit? Consider reporting it!

Reddit is one of the largest social networks on the internet.

It also — famously — allows users to sign up virtuously anonymously. The majority of Reddit users — called Redditors — post under pseudonyms.

And wherever total anonymity at scale happens, there’s a strong chance harassment, cyberbullying, and abuse will follow.

If you’ve encountered anti-Semitism on Reddit, consider taking the following actions in order to report the abuse you’ve received. There’s no guarantee that the social network will do anything about it — but it’s a pity not to at least try.

Report the anti-Semitic content to moderation

Let’s say you encounter anti-Semitism on Reddit. Here’s an example:

If you feel that there are grounds to do so, then you can access the report functionality by clicking on the three dots to the right of ‘Share’:

Firstly, you’ll need to state exactly what rule the offending comment(s) breaks:

An explanation of each reporting option will populate towards the bottom of the window:

After submitting the report, you’ll have the option to block the user that posted the content:

Report abuse to Reddit

If you’re receiving persistent abuse such as a Redditor harassing you or making repeated anti-Semitic remarks to you, then you can use this URL to submit a request to the Reddit admins:

If you’re reported the anti-Semitic bullying to a moderator who has ignored you — or worse decided to gang up on you or report your account in revenge — then there’s also an option to file a moderator complaint:

Document the abuse

Firstly, consider taking screenshots of the abuse that you received. If you have screensharing software installed on your computer, then you can record a video screen capture of the abuse also.

Secondly consider using an archiving site — such as this one — to store a snapshot of the Reddit thread containing the abuse:

You should also make a note of:

  • The usernames that are sending the offensive content
  • All URLs where the comments appeared

Document it to an anti-Semitism monitoring subreddit

There are subreddits — Reddit communities — that exist to allow a safe space in which Redditors can document anti-Semitism that they have experienced on the network.

Consider reporting to any other authorities

Sadly, there’s sometimes not much that can be done about online cyberbullying and abuse — particularly when the moderators and administrators of the platform aren’t willing to step in and help.

Some social network users have reported that — after reporting the abuse — they received vengeful target-blaming in response, sometimes by hordes of online bullies, and complete silence from the website hosting the abuse.

If this happens, you may be out of options. But it might still be worth reporting the abuse to authorities that monitor online anti-Semitism.

Sadly, both cyberbullying and online anti-Semitism are pervasive phenomenons.

Reddit’s largely anonymous nature makes it something of a magnet for online cyberbullies who are looking for a safe home from which to heap abuse and bullying on Jewish Reddit users.

If you’ve been targeted in this manner, consider reporting the abuse to subreddit moderators, Reddit itself, and third parties.

— — —

Note: everything I’ve posted about Reddit bullying to date has resulted in Reddit bullies swarming into the Medium comments section to continue bullying. Therefore, with regret, I’ve had to close the discussion section here before anybody has a chance to respond.

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