Should You Hire A Freelance Writer, A Ghostwriter, Or An Agency For Your Next Content Marketing Project?

Sometimes, There’s A Lot To A Name

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Big city agencies may come at a big price. So what about a freelance writer?

Freelance Writers

Freelance writers are typically solo businesses run by an individual who makes a living by providing writing services for contract to clients.

  • Freelance writers, by and large, tend to be cheaper than hiring agencies. Many freelance writers will take on ad hoc projects and not force their clients to commit to a monthly retainer. If they do work through retainers, then they might be a good deal cheaper than those which agencies charge.
  • If you need a wide variety of skills for your content marketing or thought leadership project then an agency, with a team behind it, could be more effective at helping you reach your objectives. Again, a freelance writer is one person. And nobody, however talented, can do it all.


Traditionally, the word ghostwriter denotes a freelance writer who works primarily on book projects for their clients. Under this arrangement, the writer is said to “ghost” books on behalf of the “author” (who is actually not the person who writes the book, but rather the person to whom the text is attributed or bylined).

  • Ghostwriters likely have procedures in place to ensure the anonymity of their clients (assuming that that is a requirement).
  • Ghostwriters are typically simply freelance writers who specialize in ghostwriting. The same negatives apply to them as do to freelance writers in general, including the fact that they are only one person.


If you’re looking to entrust your content marketing or thought leadership to an organization, then agencies are the doors that you should go knocking at.

  • As a cooperative unit, your average agency will have providers with a variety of different skillsets ranging from copywriters to graphic designers and SEO specialists. Agencies’ outsourcing pools may be wider than those of individual freelancers.
  • Working with an agency might be more bureaucratic than working with a solo freelancer. If you’re working with an agency, communication with the person actually doing the writing might need to be funneled through an account manager. Worse, you may have no control of who that person is.

Different Business For Different Clients

Whether you wish to work with a freelance writer, an agency, or a ghostwriter will depend upon several factors including your budget, scope, and personal preferences.

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