The Idiot’s Guide To Getting Away With Online Racism

Want to troll minorities and spout online abuse without repercussion? This guide should set you in good stead

Hate speech may be hard to get away with in real life. But the internet is still something of a wild west. What can we do to stop it? Image: Creative Commons

Are you looking to abuse minorities from the comfort of your own home?

Are you full of anger, dissatisfied with your life, and feel like taking it out on some random person on the internet? A Jew? A black? A Jewish left-wing black?!

The good news is that you’ve been born into a great age during which to engage in this kind of behavior. Probably actually the best one in history.

Follow this guide to get away with hatred.

Pick The Right Platform

Firstly, you’re going to want to find a platform on which your intended target(s) congregate.

That means matching your target demographic to the type of social network they frequent.

Teenagers these days (I’m told) tend to hang around on TikTok and Instagram. Young men are found in abundance on Facebook and Reddit. There are also more niche social networks popular with other minorities.

But that’s not enough.

You’re also going to want to find a platform that has a spotty or poor track record with tackling online abuse.

Personally I regard Reddit as the leader in this regard — although that’s only one man’s opinion. Put out feelers among other haters and suss out which network is putting the least effort into moderating hate.

You’re looking here for a platform with lackadaisical moderation or a system that doesn’t really hold them to account. Ideally you want the top echelon — the company itself — to be almost totally disinterested in combating abuse.

If the platform’s hate reporting system operates largely through AI and abusers can lodge revenge abuse reports … that’s even better.

The final ingredient in the cocktail?

You’ll want to find a platform that facilitates completely anonymous signups. If they don’t really care what IP you sign up with — or have systems that detect rapid changes, such as those facilitated when using TOR or a VPN — that’s even better.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a platform that doesn’t require that you surrender — much less verify — a single piece of personally identifiable information (PII).

Come Up With A Good Username — And Use It Only Once

Next, you’re going to want to come up with a username.

Spouting hatred under your own name is kind of dumb because you leave a digital breadcrumb trail that could — in a very unlikely scenario — be used to prosecute you.

Potential employers also tend to shy away from hiring obvious anti-Semites and other racists. So go incognito when launching your tirades!

If you start hating people online then there’s a good chance that targets are going to be riled up enough to attempt to ascertain your real identity.


  • Don’t leave any sloppy digital breadcrumbs that could be used to narrow down your identity.
  • Don’t user the same username on different websites.

Other tactics that online racists have exploited:

  • Conducting online hate under a pseudonymous identity
  • Conducting online hate while impersonating an innocent third party

Assume Your Targets Are Reporting You — So Report Them Back!

The moment you begin engaging in racially-motivated trolling it’s reasonable to assume that your target is going to pay attention and file a report against you.

Don’t worry — all hope isn’t lost!


a) Currying favor with the admins/moderators of the forum. Perhaps they could be bought off? Perhaps you are the moderator and are able to kill the complaints yourself?

b) Filing preemptive abuse reports against your targets accusing them of abusing the reporting feature.

How Can We Stop Online Hate?

The purpose of the above — of course — is not to encourage online hate but rather to do exactly the opposite: To point out how unfortunately easy it has become for anonymous internet trolls to spread abuse and harassment without consequence on the internet.

With a VPN, some racism, the right platform, and access to the right targets, one has all they need to dish out abuse to minorities on the internet.

What can we do to prevent this? We can start by trying to reverse engineer the above:

  • Ban fully anonymous signup processes from social networks.
  • Force signups to provide identification to verify their identity.
  • Strip online bullies and trolls of their ability to sign up for powerful platforms that can be used to harass without providing a digital breadcrumb / piece of PII that could be used to verify their identity in the event of abuse.
  • Avoid participating in websites that enable fully anonymous signups — communities such as the notorious hate site 4Chan.
  • Properly vet online moderators to ensure that they don’t end up colluding with bullies or abusing their moderator powers to engage in bullying of users themselves (for instance, by bullying users using a different online identity or suppressing genuine abuse reports).
  • Make social networks aware that reporting functionalities can be abused. But also that even reports of abuse can themselves be abused to punish targets rather than perpetrators!
  • Hold social networks to higher account through legislation and regulation. Make it impossible for them to be derelict in their duty of care to ensure a safe online environment for users.
  • Exert pressure on social networks that are failing in their duty of care to users.

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