The Pros And Cons Of A Career In Freelance Writing

Freelance writing: An acquired taste, but it can make for an interesting and perhaps even secure employment option. Photo: By Negative Space on Pexels

Pro: It Can Be Varied Work

  • Get going with inbound marketing as soon as possible. In my opinion, it’s a lot more fun (and sustainable) than relying upon outbound techniques like sending out cold emails to drum up work. Having a real-life network to tap into helps enormously too. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Which brings me to:
  • As above, diversify as widely as possible. If you want to learn ‘how’ read the following post. There are a lot of ways when you put your mind to it.

Pro: Theoretically, It Can Be A Secure Way To Make A Living

Pro: If You Love Writing …. You’ll Get To Do Lots Of It

Cons: It’s Really Tough And Hard Work

Cons: It Can Also Be Really Lonely



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