Absolutely loved this quote:

"Most LinkedIn content creators aren’t super successful entrepreneurs who have millions of dollars. Those people are lying on the beach or taking photos of their Lambo on Instagram."

Here's the thing. As obnoxious as this will sound (LinkedIn-level obnoxious you might say!) I want to aspire for big things in business.

The quality of the LinkedIn feed, we can probably agree, is pretty abysmal. Would people with scarce time be reading it? Probably not. (My preferred alternative is nonfiction books).

Would those who are already eminently successful already be virtue signalling and generally showing off in the hope of garnering likes and comments?

No, they would perhaps be speaking at conferences, maybe writing books to share their insights, and enjoying the life they have already built.

In other words, when you think about, the LinkedIn cult that has developed is basically comprised of those that *want* to be more successful. If you consider the fact that that cult involves tens of millions of people all competing against one another, the odds of truly breaking through via LinkedIn self promotion actually start to seem pretty slim.


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