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My name is Daniel Rosehill. I’m a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a passion for technology. I was born in Ireland. I currently live in Jerusalem.

I blog on here about tech (especially Linux and backups!), freelancing, writing, and whatever else comes to mind.

At the time of writing, my Medium content is all un-paywalled. I write to share ideas with people rather than to monetize. So if you like something that I wrote, please feel free to share with your network. They should be able to access it without a premium membership irrespective of how many free stories they’ve consumed this month.

My Medium Publications

Please feel free to also follow these publications which I run:

Freelance Writing contains my writings about …. freelance writing. It’s a (small) reservoir of free knowledge which I’ve shared both to clarify these things in my head and because I don’t believe in monopolizing knowledge about how to freelance. The product of five years’ experience.

My professional pursuit, DSR Ghostwriting and my articles about thought leadership:

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Feel free to drop me a line either through my website or by emailing this address: medium + my name (first name and last name together no spaces, all lower case). The TLD is dot co dot il.

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Daniel Rosehill is a marketing consultant based in Jerusalem who helps technology clients including startups and entrepreneurs to plan and execute thought leadership marketing campaigns. His interests include Linux, startup businesses, technology, and travelling.

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Marketing communications consultant interested in tech, Linux, ADHD, beer, async, and remote work (in no particular order). RosehillMarcom.com