Why Every Content Marketing Team Should Create Its Own In-House Stock Library

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Prerequisites For Building Your Proprietary Corporate Stock Image Library

Task 1: Get Organizing and Describing Your Photos

Editing a batch of photos using Darktable for Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS. Screenshot: Author
Creating a new tag for assigning images to using DigiKam. Screenshot: author
Adding image metadata in Darktable for Ubuntu Linux. Screenshot: author
  • They allow you to add descriptions to photographs and mark up other meta properties
  • They allow you to apply edits in bulk so that you don’t need to edit every photograph one by one
  • Frequently, there’s also a cloud upload functionality so that you can quickly upload your photos to a cloud photo organizer

Should My Stock Library Be Hosted Locally Or In The Cloud?

  • Flickr
  • Google Photos
  • Google Drive
  • Spider Oak
  • Picture Life

Can I Do This For Free?

  • The location where the photo was taken
  • A description. This is where you can populate keywords to help you retrieve the photograph later
Adding some data fields to a Google Photos photo. Photo: author.
Using Google Photos, you can also bundle photos into albums — like I did here for an article I wrote about setting up a home load balancing router. But if you populate the image info fields, you’ll be able to add more info that will make search retrieval much faster. Photo: author.



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