Why I Refuse To Use The Word ‘Content’ To Describe My Writing

‘Content’ Is Ridiculously Non-Specific

Almost everybody in technology has likely come across the abbreviation content management system (CMS).

Wordpress: a major CMS

There’s Nothing Wrong With Calling Writing ‘Writing’

As a writer, my central issue with the word ‘content’ is that it has led to the insipid devaluation and commoditization of writing. This is a process which we are seeing continuing through this day with the gradual erosion of rates that writers have been fighting against for years.

And ‘Freelancer’

It would seem like overkill to write a whole second post just to rail against the word ‘freelancer’ so I’m choosing to tack it onto this one instead.

  1. If you’re a part time freelancer then you still own a business. It’s just that it’s not at a very high level of scale. And it isn’t large enough to constitute your whole income yet.

How We Describe Ourselves Matters

I wage a constant battle between having to occasionally refer to myself as a ‘content writer’ (strictly for SEO purposes) and trying to actively resist the term. If there is a way that I can attract prospects without once describing myself as a ‘content writer,’ then I will continue to do so.



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Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill

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