Why I Really Can’t Do LinkedIn Anymore

  • Why I am doing this!?!?
  • I really, really detest LinkedIn. Or at least what it has become.
  • I need to stop exposing myself to its toxicity every day.
  • When I get home, I have to write a quick post getting this off my chest

The Home Of The Humble Brag

And then …. the feed happened.

LinkedIn: in many respects, a mental landfill

Does Everybody Actually Hate LinkedIn?

The Content I Curate

  • LinkedIn: Good as an online Rolodex and for mapping out organizations. The feed, and statuses being shared there, have become too toxic to bother with.
  • Twitter: Filled with many mundane trivialities and mental noise such as people’s opinions about political candidates and parties. One can obtain a worthwhile feed, but only after fairly careful curation.
  • Facebook: Love Facebook groups. Like the idea of having profiles (like LinkedIn, a personal Rolodex). Hate just about everything else about it.
  • Reddit: Reddit’s anonymity unfortunately creates a culture of pervasive nastiness and toxicity. However, there are friendly and wholesome subreddits. It’s actually my favorite social network in spite of its flaws.
  • Quora: Lots of useful info here. Unfortunately lots of bot answers too.



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