Reddit Bullying: My Experience With Anonymous Anti-Semitic Cyberabuse, Trolling, Victim-Blaming, and Gaslighting Moderators

Reddit has a serious problem with cyberabuse. While I’ve posted about its merits, I’m sick of being a punching bag for anonymous trolls and haters

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Reddit: a sprawling online community but also the home of much cyberabuse. Photo: Pixabay

Update the next morning: in reaction thread, accused or faking my own defense, having Asperger’s, “playing the race card” for raising possibility of anti-Semitic motives; also, more abuse

In an interesting an unexpected development, a few hours after I post my goodbye note, a Reddit supporter starts a thread about my decision to leave and the video I posted.

Allegation of Anti-Semitism Banned. Same Moderator Then Allows Ad-Hominem “Sperg” (Asperger’s) Slur, Describes It As “Lighthearted and Jovial” and “Not A Personal Attack.”

Reddit moderator opines that Redditor’s “Sperg” slur was “lighthearted and jovial” describes it “not as a personal attack.”

More Hate From Anonymous Redditors After Bully Starts Thread About Me On Notorious Hate Subreddit /r/Drama: Working In Thought Leadership Means I “Deserved Bullying Sooner”

A Reddit moderator divulges the identity of a harassment report and then contributes a little more to the abuse. Source: /r/drama.

Update 2: I Got Suspended From Reddit For Reporting My Own Cyberbullying; The Cyberbullies Got A Free Pass And Delighted In My Suspension (Yes, You Read That Right)

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Angry (Anonymous) Reddit Bullies Crowd Onto The Comments Section Here (On Medium) To Continue Abuse And Gaslighting — Throw In Reference To ‘Big Beak’ Nose

Edited to add: predictably, Redditors — angry at being called out on perpetrating and facilitating online abuse — crowd into comments section here to continue their work.

Followed by a nice anti-Semitic reference to a “big beak”
Yup. Cyberbullying isn’t real.
Classic gaslighting. Those who call out online abuse are just being “sensitive” and a “bubble boy”

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