Why I’ve Stopped Describing Myself As A “Freelance Writer” To Prospective Clients

Professionally, I’m Putting ‘Writer’ Behind My Other Trump Cards — For Good Reason. Why I Think The ‘Writer’ Label Can Be An Impediment To Taking On Serious Work.

Journalism’s been cash-crunched. Content marketing is often undervalued. Where does that leave today’s crop of “writers” and aspiring ones? Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

My Bitter Conclusion: For Most Professionals, Freelance Writing Simply Isn’t The Best Space To Be In

If You Want To Capture The Extent Of The Value You Bring To Your Clients, Writing’s Typically A Pretty Bad Way To Go About Doing That

Is The Freelance Writing Market Actually Getting Worse For Writers?

Done With Being The Writer Guy (Or Gal)? Here Are Some Alternative Paths And Labels

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