Why Medium Still Isn’t A CMS Killer (Sadly)

Medium is useful but also missing some really essential features. For that reason, ironically, it’s not yet on par with even basic content management systems. Screenshot: author.

It’s Minimalist And Easy To Use. But It’s Lacking Some Very Basic CMS Functionalities.

  • Medium lacks any bulk editing functionality whatsoever. When you have several hundred articles posted on the platform, it becomes impractical to apply bulk changes. Virtually any CMS — and certainly Wordpress — has this as a foundational feature.
  • Medium lacks a plugin library to build upon its core functionality of publishing. What you see is what you get in terms of functionality and Medium rolls out changes and upgrades rather slowly. This is actually kind of a good thing. Wordpress’s plugin library is something of a mess. I kind of like the fact that Medium calls the shots in terms of what’s available for us. The problem is that those baked-in functionalities are rather limited.
  • The stats dashboard lacks some really basic data points that makes it far less useful than it could be for content marketing. While I can see how many reads and views my writing have received over the past thirty days, there’s no easy way to see the bigger picture — what my one year trailing average has looked like or extrapolate into the future. Medium has done a great job at creating a minimalist UI. But I think it’s taken simplicity too far.

Its Backup Functionality Really Isn’t Up To Snuff. Which Is A Problem Because It’s SaaS.

Medium Is Entirely Outside Of Your Control.



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