A Collective And Voluntary Effort To Disseminate Practical Information About Aliyah And Life in Israel

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V1–Updated: 17/01/21

I (@danielrosehill) created this Medium publication in order to share practical how-to information about living in Israel. My aspiration is that the collection of information here will one day grow into an informational website.

This publication is targeted at olim, those contemplating aliyah, and other groups living in Israel who want practical information about navigating daily life here.

Some of the topics that have been covered so far include:

Some topics that I would like to see covered (a very non-exhaustive list)…

Places To Research Your Market Value In The Israeli Job Market

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If you’re currently looking for a job in Israel, then you’re undoubtedly going to want to enter into negotiations with a clear idea of what your salary expectations for a certain position should be.

Typically employers in Israel ask candidates what their “salary expectations” (Hebrew: צפיות שכר) are off the bat as a sort of screening question at the initial phone interview stage.

Like many things in Israel, salaries in Israel are open to vigorous negotiation.

In particular, candidates can haggle over:

Being In The Middle About Israel Can Be A Lonesome Place

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Israel is making international news these days.

Not because of some war it’s fighting.

But rather because it’s leading the world in the pace of its coronavirus vaccination program.

The plaudits are deserved — at least in my view.

Israel’s leadership has managed its response to the pandemic in a sometimes chaotic manner, with conflicting information often leaking to the media within hours of weighty cabinet decisions.

Small business owners have been critical about the lack of compensation offered as their businesses crumbled in the face of repeated and protracted closures.

The collapse of the government and the holding of the fourth elections in two years raises troubling questions about why Israel’s leaders seem unprepared to put cohesion and the national interest ahead of personal political expediency. …

Words To Help Navigate The Strange Linguistic Netherworld That Lies Between English and Hebrew

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There’s no dictionary for it, but Hebrish is often an important part of the Israel immigrant experience

Everybody knows that moving to Israel involves learning a new language: Modern Hebrew, the modern language based loosely around the ancient tongue of the Tanakh which Eliezer Ben Yehuda famously pioneered.

But in addition to learning new vocabulary, conjugation tables, and idioms, newcomers to Israel will have to navigate a strange linguistic netherworld stuck somewhere between their native language and Hebrew.

For English speakers, this language is called Hebrish: an English-Hebrew pidgin favored by English-speaking immigrants to Israel that are slowly immersing themselves in the native culture.

Here are some terms to help you get started.


Translation: You have a degree! …

Some Great Things About Actually Making A Home In Israel

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The Ramat Gan skyline. Photo: Wikipedia

If you’ve a news junkie or are just passively interested in the countries and geography of the Middle East, then Israel is probably best known to you as a land of geopolitical unrest. Or perhaps as the place where Tel Aviv is located and a lot of humus and falafel is eaten.

For those who actually come to make a home here, however, Israel also offers a lot of positive — as well as some limitations. …

Forums To Get Grounded In English

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For me — and for many — this calendar year has been one dominated by staying at home.

And as much as I hate their tendency to derail my productivity (my focus is brittle), Facebook groups have been an amazing companion during the long days of working from home with nowhere much else to be.

If you’re new to Israel, then my recommendation is to work on your Hebrew as fast as possible! Joining Facebook groups in Hebrew is actually a good way to do this (as well, of course, as actually getting out and using the language).

But having a friendly community of English-speakers can be invaluable when you’re just trying to figure out your left hand from your right. Or when you’re not feeling up to the linguistic challenge of typing and communicating in a second language. …

Ignoring Painful Realities Doesn’t Help Retain Olim

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Moving to Israel — and leaving it — has always been fraught with criticism and controversy. Does it really need to be that way?

For Jews who have uprooted their lives to live in Israel, getting here can often end up being the easiest part of the journey.

In recognition of the fact that many that move to Israel don’t end up staying (at least not for very long … or for life), a wellspring of energy has developed in recent years around the idea of getting olim to stay in Israel. Those that offer this service tend to call it post-aliyah support. Or retention.

The flagbearer for this movement has been Keep Olim In Israel (KOII) — which is both a Facebook group and a non-profit that describes its mission as to “empower, support, and inspire olim.”. …

The Tricks And Tools Of The Trade

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Freelance writing: what technology do you need?

A lot of entrants to the freelance writing market spend time wondering what technical bits and pieces are needed to run a freelance writing business.

There are two schools of thought about this.

The first one is: you don’t really need much. In truth, even a website is optional. You could start with a Gmail address, some enthusiasm, and (ideally) a couple of clips to prove your mettle. There’s a lot to be said for the agility of that approach.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have people like me who live by the motto “do things that scale.” Paul Graham wouldn’t be pleased to hear this, but I like to get systems in place before I really need them. …

Leaving Money On The Table Is …. Oh So Easy

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Via Reddit, edited:

I wanted to share the following story which I think demonstrates how easy it is to underbid on projects and to not capitalize on your worth. This is equally applicable whether you’re pitching for freelance work or a job.

It feels like a lifetime ago already, but some time not so long ago I was dealing with a marketing agency that approached me through social media.

They were looking for tech writers to cover a certain niche and my experience was a perfect match. It seemed, on paper, like a good fit.

This client unfortunately ended up falling into one of my “bad fit” buckets. In other words, it didn’t work out. …

Will Israel’s Cost Of Living Fall Post-COVID?

I’ve made the point repeatedly that Israel’s cost of living — and more presciently the average real income — presents a major problem for the country’s future.

My motivation for writing about these dynamics is two-fold.

Firstly, for the future of Zionism, I think that Israel needs to be a country that everybody can afford to live in. Whether they’re a bus driver or an algorithm engineer.

Secondly, to my mind, this dynamic is perpetually ignored in Israeli elections, of which there have been many recently.

Statistics mount but these issues receive relatively scant attention in Israeli political discourse which, recently, has been almost entirely occupied by the question of whether the incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is fit to remain in office. …


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